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MSE Attorney Lyndsie Russell Settles Pro Bono Case

Miles, Sears & Eanni attorney Lyndsie Russell reached a $15,000 settlement in the section 1983 retaliation case of  Ransom v. Herrera, et al.  Mr. Ransom was incarcerated in Kern Valley State Prison when two correctional officers accused him of grabbing one of their arms through the food tray slot in the cell door when Mr. Ransom was preparing to be transported out of his cell. Mr. Ransom denied any contact with the correctional officer and alleged that defendants created this false charge as a result of a prior interaction between Mr. Ransom and one of the correctional officer. As a result, Mr. Ransom was placed in Administrative Segregation housing causing him to suffer damages.

The case settled prior to trial for $15,000. Ms. Russell was appointed to the case by the court approximately a month before the trial was set to commence.

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